Healing Begins with a Change of Heart

Increase your intuitive power

Increase your energy and become more resilient to lifes challenges

Become truly one with your horse for the horse people

Keep you and your horse in a state of optimal functioning

Better Decision making

Improve Immune System


Special offer For the Non-Horse Owner

 These Times Got You Down? You need peaceful distraction!

  Feeding your soul in the outdoors with some of the best healers in the world can totally turn your life around. They can distract you long enough to give your life new perspective and heart!

 Horses are great healers and teachers.  Just being in their presence will ease your heart and mind.

 There is something about their smell, their eye, the natural gentle calm nature that takes us away from the daily grind.

 Feeling some of that brain fog? Horses help people with dementia. Horses also help seniors to recharge their immune systems.

 I am a small private operation with two wonderful healers, Indy, and Ciara. They are both eager to meet you and assist you in overcoming the low vibes of the world today.

 The less you know about horses the better they like it! Love horses but are afraid of them, more the better! Indy my big stoic gelding loves the challenge to prove to you how gentle and kind they can be in the right environment. Nothing is forced.

 The main focus of this Peaceful Distraction time is to just Be. Be in the energy field of the healing heart of the horse.  

 There are no challenges other than leaning to brush and watch your healing teacher. Listening intently for any subtle information. Opening yourself to what can be, heightening and honing your intuition and expanding that inner soul for greater awareness of yourself.

 Letting go of expectation and just be in a state of allowing. Allow that distraction from the mundane. Become part of the herd and veg out.

 Remember this is all about introspection and peace. I wrote and published 3 books and got my best words when just letting Ciara graze on the end of the lead rope!

 This can be a great form of meditation.

You will learn a few hands-on techniques to further the energetic give and take your equine healer offers. Buy giving healing you will receive healing in return. You will learn to become more observant watching and feeling subtle energy shifts in you and your healer.

 The more you become comfortable with your teacher healer the more activities will be available to you in following sessions, up to leading the horse on a nice hike.

 I remember when I was a child and so in love with horses. Before I had my own horse, I sought out all sorts of ways to just be around them.

 Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist or a counselor. I just have my whole life’s experience being around the horse and open enough to realize they were helping me learn about me. I can honestly say I would not be on the Earth today if I did not have my great healers. Yes, I am a HeartMath Licensed coach. Working through the heart is a very integral part of this therapy.

Session Time 1 hour

FEE:  Donation Basis



Me with Lucky, one of my great teachers.

Equine Assisted HeartMath Coaching                                                                              This is a non-riding form of Equine therapy with your horse. I realized years ago that there is much more than just the back of the horse that casues healing. There are so many people out there who love horses and yet are afraid to get on them and  who are just too feeble or too large. With my realization that horses are not dumb animals to be exploited, and when not ridden, their true beingness shines through I was so excited to find HeartMath and their form of non riding therapy.  It was HeartMath Institutes pioneering work and technology that confirmed what I was feeling. I just did not have the right termonology to decribe what I was feeling and what transformation I was going through. So I set out to be licensed with HMI to join my knowledge and experience with theirs. To read a whole lot more about it please click on the Equine Assisted Therapy page. 

HeartMath Mentoring/Coaching

What would you do if I told you there were simple tools that you could learn to change your whole world and intergrate a lasting and constant feeling of love and appreciation for yourself and the world around you? What would you do if I told you this could also assist in healing your mind body and spirit and bring balance to you? 

What if I told you already have the greatest tool to accomplish all of this. And yes it is attainable! The tool is your Heart! Within our heart lies the power and the intuition to change our world and finally make it the place we have been always looking for and it can also make us the person we have always dreamed about being. No, this is not a pipe dream but palpable and documented, proven by science. HeartMath Institute of California has been doing this work for decades. And it is all available to you too. With my help of course. Online or via telephone sessions. I have many clients in all parts of the world.

To learn more click on the link at the top HeartMath 



I also offer this ancient healing technique!

I began my Reiki training back in 1997. My very first patient was of course, a horse! And he became my first greatest teacher. But then more horses came into my life furthering my learning and healing abilities. I have worked on everything from, falcons, turkys, peacocks, dogs, cats, horses and humans to name a few. Energy is energy, we all have it and underneath our skin suits we are all the same. If you want to read more about Reiki click the Reiki tab at the top of the page. Can be done in the comfort of your home or can do online long distance. 



My Dragonhorse Saga, a read for all ages!

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What if who you truly are is kept secret from you, just to keep you alive?

Young Shion’s life ripped from her, bound by a prophecy she herself had made a lifetime before, has become a seeker of the forgotten knowledge. She must fulfill her quest to relearn and regain her inherent power before she can reclaim her love and her life. A love story that must endure the transcendence of time and dimensions. A thought provoking, conscious awakening jaunt, back to a time when magic was forbidden, gypsies and witches were hunted, horses were just for pulling wagons, and dragons no longer lived . . . or didn't they?



Lucky, My first Dragonhorse, the one who started it all back in 1998.