Healing Begins with  a change of Heart

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Sound bath and crystal healing with crystal singing bowls and tuning fork

I am a 3rd Degree Reki Master Teacher 

I completed my RMT certification in 2000

Reiki is the art of compassion and my first Reiki patient an ex-racehorse dying from cancer gave me my first lesson in compassion.

There is not one Reiki Master that is just like the other. We all must do the journey to find ourselves in this healing; each must find our inner master. To do it by the book is not mastering the art of yourself; you must first master yourself and find who you truly are.

It takes years and years to become a master it takes experiencing and finding yourself. It takes time to become compassion. Each master will find his own journey to compassion. For Reiki is not just hand movements it is that inner journey to the heart mastering what it has to offer and sharing it with others so they may find their compassion to do the inner work of healing themselves and then on to spreading their newly radiant heart energy.

Becoming a Reiki Master must be an organic process. Through the self from the journey and experience of the journey. Not from just laying hands on people every day but learning from the outside world and finding the many teachers that are there waiting to share their knowledge. Learning is infinite.

So, as you can tell by what you have in my website the horse helped me find my compassion. And it took 20 years to integrate this knowing into being and become a master at this. Even though my first patient was a horse and he was the first teacher, and a very profound teacher, I had no idea how many more would come my way and are still coming today.

All these years the journey to compassion was through the heart. My heart had been wounded and had built up walls and so I too was on a journey of self-healing. And all the other techniques and modalities did not make me shine like I did when working directly with the heart through the horse. This was much different than just clearing my heart chakra because if the wounds are not healed and the trapped emotions are not released there is no resilience. Without resilience we become wounded again.  I would become the wounded warrior over and over.  

And so, my continuing journey with the horse lead me to Heartmath. It was a study I came across that was done by HeartMath Institute with horses that showed scientifically what the horse was actually doing that was helping so many people.  It was the horse that brought me to Heartmath and without them I would not have taken the courses. And so, the horse has been my teacher all along.

Reiki with me is not your usual just laying on of hands, it is much more, it is the sharing of my mastery with the heart and the horse. I help you to become connected and then be resilient so that you can become your own master in self-healing. For we do not heal, we are just the facilitators.

For a session please contact me  denicegarrou@gmail.com                                                                              

First session can be up to 2 hours. $55 

1 hour sessions after are $40



I began using the violet fire before I even knew what it was. It came to me through working with the Phoenix energies (out of the ashes we once again rise). There is a big correlation here with the Phoenix, the Horse and the Dragon, once again death and rebirth, ressurection. When working with me I will bring you through the Violet Phoenix Fire attunement. This will help you to purge the old that no longer serves you and anything attached to you that is blocking your healing path or lifes purpose. 


This is my very first Reiki patient, back in 1997, was a horse down the road from me who was dying from cancer. Through synchronistic events we healed him (after the fet gave him only 8 months to live) and he came home to live with me. He was my first great teacher, my first dragonhorse. You can read more about our journey in my Dragonhorse, Seeker of Forgotten Knowledge book or go to my page that tells a little about him (MY Magic Inspiration) 

Pictured is some of what we were dealing with. The pictures show the huge difference that we received in one months time! This was the turning point of my healing and who I was to become, tho it took many years. 


Kwan Yin Goddess of Compassion and Mercy