Lemurian Seed Crystal

When someone gives you the gift of a crystal it means you were supposed to have it. There is magic at work here and it was guided to you.

Such is the case for the Lemurian crystal I received from a dear friend of mine who owns a crystal shop. He lost mose of his collection in the Katrian hurricane and lucky for us came back to Colorado.

One day I walked in to visit him, bringing him a found owl and hawk feather. Knowing the powerful magic they carried he was so very happy to receive them and in exchange pointed to a handful of crystals that he just had come in. One immediately caught my attention and before saying so, he pick that one up and handed it to me. "You are supposed to have this," he said. He informed me the very first time I entered his shop after letting me hold one of his rainbow boji's (which resonated with me and I had to take home) I was a sensitive. I immediatley felt the subtle vibration of that very special being, the same feeling I received when holding the Lemurian crystal. 

In working with the Lemurian one night, it opened me  to some imformation about the ancient realm of Lemuria. I had always been fascinated and drawn to this 'mythical' lost culture. The energetic being in the crystal told me of the sacred phoenix. I was so surprised to hear this because the phoenix and I have this strange connection, the raptor having always been one of my favorite birds.

I soon realized there was a connection between Dragonhorse and the crystal, and spent another night in my bathtub full of oils seeking more information. It is said that heat waves from either very warm bathwater, sauna (which I spend a lot of time in) or sweat lodge induce more of an altered state of mind. This is how I receive most of my information.         So sitting in my magical bath I was opened to the world of Lumeria and was told of high priestess who were the only ones allowed to keep their most sacred bird, the phoenix. I also learned the reason this great culture vanished...which you will find out in my prequel. But I will tell you of the imbalance caused by the civilizations of Lumeria and Atlantis...both exact opposites..it was that realization that brought on the need for the 13 crystal keys, each one resonating with the vibration of its culture. In the end to ensure the Great Shift this balance had to be restored and the crystals returned to Mother Earth. There are 13 keys each representative of our 13 symbols of the zodiac. 

So anyway, when you look at the picture of the crystal you see in the middle is a facet, there are 3 facets on the bottom half of the crystal and 3 on the top. The facet depicted in the photo was the one I always felt my thumbs go to when working with her. The I called the gateway. Once I learned to open the gateway on this crystal, I was able to receive the information. This was how Shion was able to release Sterling from his body of the horse. After opening the gateway to her crystal Sterling was free to leave and as you know return again but this time he could shift and was not trapped in just the body of the horse.

I still have this crystal and when the time comes she will want to be placed in the hands of someone else to help them on their path. Until then I look at her daily.