What if who you truly are is kept secret from you, just to keep you alive?

Young Shion’s life ripped from her, bound by a prophecy she herself had made a lifetime before, has become a seeker of the forgotten knowledge. She must fulfill her quest to relearn and regain her inherent power before she can reclaim her love and her life. A love story that must endure the transcendence of time and dimensions. A thought provoking, conscious awakening jaunt, back to a time when magic was forbidden, gypsies and witches were hunted, horses were just for pulling wagons, and dragons no longer lived . . . or didn't they?

Below are a few excepts from the book


Nicco is challenged to return to the wild.


   Northen Wisconsin did not reintruduce the wolf unil after I moved to Colorado. It is sad because they reintroduced them back to the Northwoods only to open hunting season on them, to be tortured within the poison fangs of traps or the life ending sights of the scopes on their rifles. Therein lies our lesson...Gaia knows what to do to keep her world in check...Man has gone against the cooperation held between all nautral realms of this planet. He has set upon himself the crown of "Supreme being" All we have done is distrupt the balance that Gaia once held so true.  

Below is an excerpt from the book, a test of Shion's guardian wolf. How would he have fared today in our world?

“I still believe he is wolf…just look at the size of him, and those fangs are growing just as fast!” Ryven exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief.

            “Wolf or not, I love him. He has a home with us as long as he walks upon this earth,” whispered Shion as she snuggled closer to the warmth of Ryven.


      Shion’s last words were drowned out by the sudden eerie, faraway howl of a wolf. She jerked her head in Nicco’s direction. Nicco sat up straighter and sniffed the air. He whimpered as another howl floated toward them across the big pond. He quickly sprang forward and made three large leaps toward the lonely beckoning call. But something made him stop and look back at Shion and Ryven. With one last glance at the direction of the cry, he slowly returned to the pond’s edge and sat with a thump; he lowered his head to his paws and closed his large, puppy eyes.

            Ryven caught Shion’s wide-eyed look of amazement; before she could speak, he did. “Looks like you will have him as long as he walks upon this earth,” he said, then laughed and with a strong hand pulled her on top of him. 

The haunting magick of the Loon song

I was lucky enough to have been born and raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Hearing the haunting call of the Loon was a daily occurence. I hadn't realized how much that sound affected me and was ingrained in my very soul. Of course I had to incorporate the magickal meaning of what Loon magick brings to us in my book. Their lonesome cry moves me as much as the bugle of the Elk in the Aspen groves of Colorado where I now live. But how I wish to hear the song of the Loon one more time.

Below is the excerpt of the Loon passage in my book. Shion has just had her first initiation into healing energy and when she awoke she was greeted by the appearance of the Loon. Lhayann as her teacher is telling her how very special this aquatic winged is.

“Listen to the loon; it has never touched me so. I can feel her ancient song in my heart,” whispered Shion.

            “The loon is one of your animal guides. She is letting you know that her gifts are here for you. Your cycle of power is as hers, both at dusk and at dawn. Because she is only at home on the water, she is the ancient symbol for the otherworld, lucid dreams, and many other levels of consciousness. She is telling you that you have the power of imagination, very clear strong imagery, and visions, all seeming very lifelike. You will be able to shift easily into the altered states of consciousness. But, be wary of the overactive imagination and separating real from the unreal. This…is the balance of loon magick.”

Shion encounters an elusive Unicorn in Elspeth's meadow

"The unicorn is the keeper of the purity of the heart. Without them in the world we would not find unconditional love, that which has now been lost to the human realm."

Shion is given a test to retrieve her magic name

The dragon moved his head closer to her and almost seemed to smile. "Why...my little witch, the name is already within you...But I can help to bring it out," he said as he raised his head and began to suck air into his lungs. Puffs of smoke began to billow out of his flared, bronzed nostrils.

Bethia, the gypsy queen tells a story

"Does my grai have a soul too?" one small, black-eyed child asked. "Especially the grai," answered the gypsy. "The grai that the outsiders call horse has a very special bond with the Earthkeepers. The horse can take the Earthkeepres to the otherworld because the grai can live in the otherworld and our world at the same time."

An encounter with Shion's wolf pup

The man lowered his arm and spit out a stream of brown tobacco from his mouth. With a snarl of his tobacco-stained lips, he growled, "What business be yours?" His eyes left hers to momentarily study the large wolf pup; Nicco's black hair stood on end as he flashed his dagger-like fangs.