The horse people have found me! Yeah! 2-11-2014

 I’m loving your book! I could've read it in 2 days but I don't want it to end! Please mark me for the prequel! And the sequel ;)

The messages are resonating to the core. I study equine cranialsacral with a shaman in Kiowa. I weave Reiki, cranialsacral and chakra balancing together in my work with the horses. I teach my students about chakra balancing via Centered Riding in their lessons.  I would love to see the movie. 

I am definitely gifting this to my students this year. I gifted Black Beauty last year.  It's like Harry Potter for horses !

Xo Dendria Mclaughlin


I bought it this Saturday and couldn't put it down yesterday! Thanks for the share. Is Denice local?

Kami Gildner


One reader shares how she was inspired 12-4-2013

Dear Mrs. Denice Garrou,

I feel compelled to write to you having just finished your book  Dragonhorse....

First let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Sara, I am a new mother to a beautiful baby girl who lives in California with her husband and dog. I have always been interested in mysticism and the metaphysical, for as long as I can remember. Also, for as long as I can remember, I have loved horses and rocks/crystals. As a child I rode on an Arabian mare we leased from a nearby ranch. Sadly, I have never owned my own horse, as circumstances have never been right, but I still hope to have that pleasure in the future. I also collected rocks and crystals. To this day I have stones I've had since before I was in the double digits that I simply cannot part with. My husband probably wonders why  there are always rocks stuffed into my bags whenever we move!
I love to read and the most exciting thing for me as a child was when Barnes and Nobel was added to our local mall and I discovered the "new age" section of the bookstore. I was not brought up religious and fortunately my family never raised an eyebrow when the books I selected were titles such as "a witches guide to fairy folk", "how to see and read the aura", "how to develop psychic touch", "animal speak", and so on. However as got older, around jr high I think, for no other reasons than my own insecurities, I began to feel extremely self conscious about my interest in magic (which I believe is simply a persons natural state of existence and capabilities). So I would sneak over to the new age section when no one was around and read secretly in my bedroom about casting circles and writing spells.
Now despite my interest in earth based religions, magic, healing, and other such topics, I never really began practicing or really delving into any such practice, as Wicca, paganism, Celtic magic...all topics I read about and was interested in, but weren't quite resonating with me. Maybe it was the formality of the spells, the chants, the rules, or maybe it was just my own prejudice and the shameful fact that I was torn between the fact of wanting to be a witch and at the same time thinking people who claimed such practices were "weirdos". So I quietly kept my own beliefs to myself as the years went by. Then, when I was older, probably a junior or senior in high school, my mom gave me for my birthday a book called "natural witchery". She said it reminded her of me. My mom is not a witch, (that i know of), and I remember being both excited and a little embarrassed by the gift. But that was the first time something clicked with me. It was a practice based solely on your intuition and personal experience and relationship with nature, and I liked it. It still had spells and rituals, but it was more along the lines of what I had been searching for. I kept this book with me, (I still have it now), but unfortunately at that time I was more concerned with getting into college and subsequently, living the college life style, (partying way too much). My spiritual quest had been put on the back burner, but not forgotten.
This august I gave birth to my daughter. Being a mother really got me thinking: what kind of mother do I want to be? What is it I want to teach my child? While academics are no doubt important, I have always thought there are more important things to teach children. I want her to know how to be in tune with the subtle energies around her, how to see the magic and miracle in everyday, how to heal herself and others, be self sustainable and compassionate...
I am lucky enough that my husband has fully supported my decision to be a stay at home mom, and since having her I have resumed my "studies", of developing aura sight and meditations, healing and psychic touch, and other natural abilities I hope to teach and nurture in her. I am writing to you because these past few moths things have been happening at such a rapid pace and I just cannot keep the succession of events leading up to the purchase of your book and the effect it has had on me to myself.
This October two things happened which I feel created a domino effect in my life. The first was my dad giving my daughter and I two small gifts out of the blue. For her, it was a small orgone to put in her room, for myself, an orgone necklace. He told me both had been blessed with reiki. Now I had never heard of reiki, or orgones for that matter. He briefly explained both to me and that was that. I found the ideas interesting but spent more time researching orgones as I found them beautiful and wanted to make my own. I kind of just disregarded the reiki aspect to be honest. However, a few weeks later, a girl who I am friends with on Facebook, (we must have gone to college together but truthfully I'm not quite sure how I know her), posted something about her reiki master giving classes. For some reason this time the term stuck with me. It really rang a bell. Then I remembered my necklace. I rushed to find the little card that had come with it, and there it said "each item has been blessed with Reiki". That's where I had seen the term! I felt a very strong urge to learn more, and over the next few days schemed of a way to learn Reiki myself. The main hurdle was the cost of classes, we are now living off of one income only. But wouldn't you know, there just happened to be classes being taught  less than five minutes away from me that were based on donation only! I called my mother and told her about the classes and she decided to join me. So we each donated what we could and became level one certified under a woman whom I am very pleased to have as my reiki master. Since that class I have been practicing every day, with saying and meaning the principles, meditating, and giving reiki to myself and family as well as reading several different books on the subject. It has been under a month since I was attuned and already I feel so different. More peaceful, centered, and just overall positive. I feel great! I really could relate to the whole concept of reiki, as it fits perfectly with my own ideals of the natural divinity we are all part of.
So I was on Pinterest the other day looking up "Reiki" to add images to my reiki board. This eventually led me to search the term "reiki master" under which I came across an image whose caption read "wisdom of the divine feminine". This term hit me hard as I had once read an article in a magazine with a similar title that I very much enjoyed. I then searched this term on and this led me to the group "the women's spirituality meetup" which had been created this month and has but one member, the creator. Researching her I learned she teaches "mystical dance", which again, stirred something inside me as I love to dance, especially flow arts like belly dance, poi, hoop, aerial tissu, and aerial hoop. I dance around by myself or with my baby quite often at home. So I started looking up this mystical dance stuff which led me to the studio it is taught at which offers yoga, reiki, massage, and various other classes including "crystal healing". Again, something that struck a cord in my heart. I got on Amazon and looked up "crystal healing" in books then sorted the results by customer reviews. Your book was one of the top ones. Even though I was at the time looking for a book about crystals, your book caught my eye because of the horse and gypsy on the cover. As well as loving rocks and horses, i also have a special place in my heart for gypsys, and there were suddenly two together in front of me when I had been searching for the third, so on a whim I clicked on it, saw the good ratings and downloaded a sample which i immediately started reading. Imagine my surprise as I read the hear you speak not only of reiki, but to the exact circumstances of that which I had been feeling my whole life. It really is like something I can't describe clicked in that moment. Like being struck by lightening, such bad Shion in the story! I had to stop and write what was happening down in a journal I've been keeping since the reiki class. I knew I had just fallen down the rabbit hole. Especially as I started reading, (I bought the book as soon as I had finished writing about the preface), and was again shocked to have Shion speaking of the persecution against women (which is something I am also passionate about and part of studying the divine feminine), as well as the atrocities against the "indigenous people". For the past week or so I have felt a profound connection and true heart ache for the Native American people. I had actually discussed it with my husband, mother, in laws, and even brother in passing, mentioning how tragic the loss of such a beautiful culture was to the world, and started watching a documentary about the portrayal of natives in film, simply because I was for some reason very drawn to them in that moment. And to have them described so eerily similarly in your story with the gypsies...
I don't know if this is all really making sense, but one thing is just leading me to something else that will also have a profound impact on my life. I feel as though for the first time in my life I am truly on the right path. I feel as though I have remembered something. Remembered who I am. Since I started reading your book I have started using magic again. I say again but really I mean for the first time, because it never felt natural to me before. It always felt hokey and forced. Now I am suddenly so comfortable with it. I see the ritual aspect of it as a method simply for directing attention. And when attention is focused anything truly is possible. I have been suddenly struck with ideas that I feel in my bones about the things that are woven into my everyday life. Like when I am singing a lullaby to my daughter that my mother sang to me, and I'm watching her eyes droop shut and realizing all the women of my family's past generations are connected by this song. This song has comforted countless infants and sent them off to their dreams. And if not this specific song in this specific family, than the mere act of a mother singing to her child, of lullabies being passed down from one generation to the next. There is magic in that. Or of  teas. It suddenly hit me that teas, while sold and enjoyed almost everywhere by everyone, are part of the norm, they really are a beautiful blend of nature that with the right intent could have potent effects. What if these different blends and varieties of teas are just what this ancient wisdom has had to become to survive? I suddenly thought the same about cooking, music, is all miraculous...and with intention, so so powerful. Not only am I thinking these things, but I am feeling more connected to nature, wanting to know more and more how to live with her and protect her.
I feel like I have gotten off track and started rambling. But i really wanted to thank you for your story and the door it has opened for me, or should I say in me. I don't know what it all means yet, but I don't think that happening upon your book about witches and dragons while I was looking for a book about healing crystals was just a coincidence. I was led there by a very specific course of events which each seemed to unlock something within me. Nor do I think my life is going to be quite the same from here on out. I thank you for such a gift.

Best wishes,


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Below is a few reviews I brought from Amazon

This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (The Dragonhorse Series 1) (Kindle Edition)

I don't normally read fantasy, but this book brought it to life in such a believable way that I really enjoyed it. Clearly the author works closely with horses because I could really feel the relationship Shion had with the horses in the story and I loved the healing methods described. The characters are critical for me and they are described so clearly that I can picture them and the horses as I am reading. I loved the suspense in the relationship between Shion and Rivven . And Red kept me guessing about whose side he was on. Great characters created by a great author.

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

I loved the story and the characters in this imaginative book. The story is compelling and told so vividly that you feel like you are there. It is so easy to identify with the main character, Shion, even though she is clearly a very special person with amazing powers. She is so humble and lovable and the author allows you to learn about her as she is learning about herself. Although there are many interesting characters, the author describes them so skillfully that they are easy to follow and keep straight. Mysteries are seeded throughout that pique your curiosity and keep you turning the pages. Progressive and sometimes cryptic clues keep you guessing and provide pieces to the puzzle in often surprising ways.

It is so evident that the author loves animals and has been involved in healing. Her empathy for their feelings comes through in her writing and enables the reader to reach a deeper understanding of animal nuances. It is a wonderful journey into a fantasy world with witches, faeries, dragons, horses and gypsies who must come together to battle the overwhelming dark forces that strive to eliminate them.

I am anxious to read more. I would love to know more about the events that led up to this great battle and I am just as curious about what follows.

This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

I won this book as part of a first reads giveaway and I am so glad that I did. This fantasy novel had me hooked from the end of the very first chapter. It has everything all in one book, a nice steady pace during the first half of the book, and the intensity picking up slowly throughout the second half of the book.

Shion lives with her guardians and loves horses, during a ride out one night she had a vision which lead her to seek out a witch who teachers her to use her healing powers. She leaves the village and lives with some travelers who help her learn more stuff about her past and her abilities. She goes on a journey to help her learn more about being a shuvani with her protector Ryvan and meets many challenges, people and sick horses along the way. A few twists and surprises along the journey which surprised me and only helped me to enjoy the book even more. A novel complete with horses, faeries, dragons, even unicorns makes this book a really good read. The ending of the book was perfect, all the questions I had were answered.

Denice Garrou certainly knows how to write a good book. Her plot keeps you reading and wanting more until the very end. Her characters draw you in and make you go through the emotions with them through it. My heart was in my mouth a few times as I was reading it because of how well she writes the book, I felt like I was there right along with them. I found myself thinking about the plot and the characters when I wasn't reading the book too, which is always a good sign of a great author. A prequel or a sequel would be fantastic to this book and I look forward to reading it.

Well worth buying this book, it was a great read and I would recommend to anybody.


This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

This is such a mysterious and intriguing story with so much going on.It is an easy read,yet very complex and and so many characters.It is a magical fairy tail with a dark side,yet not lacking in humor.I fell in love with the oddest of whimsical characters that grew on me through out the story,as if it were a personal dream and I was certain that it was a significant one that I needed to decipher.How else would I feel so strongly about a dragon or a fairy! The authors love for animals really comes through,especially horses.It made me want to ride again when she described their musty smells and velvet noses.I loved the smells of the herbs and the descriptions of nature throughout the book.The author creates such a detailed visual.I felt like I was watching a 3D movie,yet if this book were made into one it could never live up to what my imagination created on my own! It inspired me to paint with more imagination and to not underestimate the power of positive thinking.
The passion and suspense is non stop and keeps you hanging at the end of each chapter and I wondered how I could be satisfied with the ending,yet I was and it made me cry.

It left me with the feeling that I wanted to buy this book for a friend so we could share this personal dream we had that no one else would understand!

This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

From the first page, the book grabs you. The author paints pictures of the characters and their world so well that as a reader I became totally engrossed - feeling as though I was there watching as the events unfolded. A great summer read.


This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

What does ancient earth and shifting have to do with a good read? Lots. Denise Garrou weaves a little folklore, plenty of descriptive characters, a tad of romance, a few witches, the mysterious Gypsy Queen, the DragonHorse who reveals a merged voice and much more to create a delightful read. Get ready to enter another world and marvel at the author's imagination and her story. It always a wonder to me how fiction authors come up with their plots, get ready to hear more from this debut author.

Judith Briles

This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

Love this book for its fantasy and creative characters. Who doesn't love horses, and when there are dragons involved, you have magic!


This review is from: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (Paperback)

If you want a book that will take you to another world, this is it!!!! Dragonhorse will satisfy your imagination and spark your curisosity for what worlds may be outside of this reality.


Krystal Hickman/Goodreads Review

First I would like to thank the author, the publisher and goodreads for allowing me an ARC of Dragonhorse.

The cover of the book is a little deceiving, it kinda makes you feel the book would be during the 1800's and a little more into history. Im glad to say that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Because this was a very good book with well thought out characters and a decent plot that flows well. The writing style is garnered a little towards the YA section but I found no problems reading it all the way through. If you enjoy horses, nature, mild witchcraft, and fae you will enjoy this book thoroughly. The only reason I did not give this book five stars out of five is that the ending seemed a little bit rushed compared to the rest of the book and the cover slightly detracts from the story. These two issues can be overlooked easily due to the book being a very good read. I look forward to reading more about Shion, Ryven, Sterling and Bethia as well as the rest of the cast. Overall a 4 out of 5 and highly recommended if you enjoy this genre.


Debra Burnette/Goodreads review

I was mesmerized from page one. So much so that I went back and read the book for a second time. It is a book that is for all ages, young and old. This book gives you the sense that some where out there magic is just waiting for us to find it, and when we do this world we live in will once again be filled with hope. Not many books leave you with a sense of peace. This one did just that.