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This reviewer read reviewed book 1 and wanted to read book 2 right away afterward. This is her review:

If you haven't read book one, then book two contains spoilers. Sumayah follows the story of Sumayah, the past life of book one's heroine Shion. When we first meet Sumayah, all she wants to do is bond with a horse so she can official become a priestess. However, fate has other plans. When evil rises and threatens everything she values and loves, she has to find the strength needed to help her people and save our world. 

If you read a book that has glimpses of a past life, then one reads a book about said past life, one might thing that you already know the story. In this case, you'd be so wrong. Take everything you've learned in book one and toss it out the window because this world is far more complex than you could ever imagine.

And I devoured every bit of it.


"Never let anyone change what you believe in your heart. And never become something someone else wants you to become." (Mergus)

Sumayah was Shion and yet she was a different character completely. As you read and got to know her, you could see glimpses of the person she would become in another life. At the same time, the author did such a wonderful job making you feel for her and love her as her own unique character. 

But what I really loved about this book is something I wonder about, but consider it too spoilery to mention here in detail. (Chapter two = Happy moment where I shouted 'I knew it.') Which led into more things I loved, and so on, and so on. Things happen in book one that would be impossible without the events of book two, in more ways than one. While reading Dragonhorse I had so many questions, some were answered along the way. But others -not unresolved, because they were- but they kept me wondering long after I finished the book. So reading Sumayah was like opening a treasure chest. I got answers to some of the whos and whys that plagued my curiosity during book one, and at the same time, I read a new, unique story that made me appreciate the first one all over again.

"...for if we do not love ourselves first, how can we possibly love another." (Celio)

Belief is a big theme in this book. Whether it's a religious belief, belief in balance and nature, or belief in oneself, it's a lesson Sumayah needs to learn, and the reader is swept along with her. But don't mistake this for a preaching book, because it is far from that. The author does a good job of posing questions and making you think while entertaining you with a great story.

 But like Mergus talks about in the quotation, it's left up to the reader to form their own opinions. 

I really enjoy books like this one, ones that make you think and sweep you away with a fascinating and fun story. Especially ones that force you to think without making you aware of it. If you liked book one, you certainly will love book two. 

This is one of those books that when it ends, you sit there unbelieving, and hit the next button on your ereader just hoping for more. With how things ended for our heroes, the mysteries still unresolved, and the war unfinished, I am very curious about where the author is going to take us in book three.

Okay, this is the new and improved cover for Book 2!

Ciara, Sumayah's challenge to become Priestess

Ciara, Sumayah's challenge to become Priestess of Lemuria

Yes, Elspeth will be back

Lyra, city in Agartha the center of the earth

We go to the center of the earth, Agartha

Ryven, of course he will be back!

Remember Ryven is a Fae so we go back to his lifetime in Faeria, the Faerian city of Lemuria

Shion will go back to her lifetime as Sumayah

Shion will go back to the beginning when she was Sumayah on the realm of Lemuria

Book Description

Would you forsake your life and your love to save those you have never met?

Book 2 takes us back to how it all began;  back to Shion’s lifetime as Sumayah. She is caught in a web of two loves; the mysterious one promised to her and the Fae Prince trying to save his realm.

This tale of love begins in the ancient realm of Lemuria, a realm of unspeakable beauty and magic thought to be only a myth by the human race.

 But, there is blood on the moon as impending invasion threatens the lives of those who live there.

Sumayah soon learns her life is not her own, and is thrust into a world of uncertainties and sacrifice.

Book 2 takes us back to the realm of Lemuria and her secrets

This documentary tells of the mythical land of Lemuria, or is it mythical? This is a 3 hour documentary.

I have my own philosophy about Lemuria, how these original starseeds came to be part of our planet, where and how they disappeared to. I also have my theory on the secret connection between these originals and our modern day witches and priestesses, priests etc. Our magic did not originate on Mother Earth, it was brought and taught. Read my version in book 2 of the Dragonhorse Saga. 

Agartha, the center of the earth
Read about it here.

    Have you ever heard of Aghartha? It is a theory about another civilization at the center of the earth. Jules Vern wrote about it.

But I  believe it is a world of another dimension, higher than our 3rd/4th dimensional world we are living in. So in book 2 we must go to the center of the earth to learn how it all began! How exciting is that..I know I am excited...what fun researching and learning!