Interview with Denice Garrou

 Today, Once Upon A Dream Books is proud to have Denice Garrou with us. Denice Garrou is the author of the Dragonhorse Saga, a fantasy series involving magic, faeries, and so much more.

Welcome Denice, glad to have you here today. At what moment did you know this was going to be a series? 

When I started my journey into metaphysics/energy/herbal healing, I wanted to get involved in rescuing and healing horses. Law of Attraction states that what you put your thoughts and energy too will happen and it did. Nero in the story was my first horse patient (I found him dying from cancer down the road)…and what a great teacher he was. We had and still do have a heart connection. He led me to Sterling too. When Lucky/Nero had is fatal accident, it devastated me. But I knew that in the realm of learning to be a shaman/witch you had to experience the “little deaths” also. I lost Lucky and then Sterling. But before Sterling went I found Aragon. Aragon was Traveller in the book. They taught me so much about myself and changed me in many ways. These great teachers came into my life when I was ready. When the student is ready the teacher will come. But dealing with death was not easy for me and being an Empath makes it doubly hard. So to understand the cycle of life death and rebirth and to heal from this trauma I began to write snippets here and there about this story. I knew my three teachers came into my world to help me and I had to share this. At first it was going to be my memoirs, but I didn’t think it would be interesting enough, and so I set the story in a different world. I never thought this would go past the first book. You see, I was also writing about the happenings around our own earth evolution which we all just referred to as, “2012”. So in the story I wanted it to end with Earths ascension upward into the next dimension at the time of December 21, 2012. 

Since I had not experienced life after “2012” I knew the story would not go any further. But after it was published and people wanted to know more, and the process started anew. Book 2 began forming from personal awakenings once again to our ancient earth theories and how they do correlate with so much of today. Dragons and faeries or any mythology is all based on our interpretation of our experiences from our distant past. They are much more then what the common man perceives, and there is a vast dimension of knowledge about who we truly are. And that was fascinating to me. I had to just go there in book 2. Going back to Shion’s past life as Sumayah, living her life on the lost continent of Lemuria was forefront in my thoughts. If we dig deeper into our past and realize how we perceived Earth’s “visiting teachers” or Earth’s lost worlds, we soon learn how much has been misinterpreted for various reason. And now I am on book 3. Who knows how many there will be? I do love the world I created and my characters are near and dear to my heart, so letting them go will be hard. 

Which one of the characters was the loudest? Or, who's story do you think would make a great spin-off? 

I thought it might be fun to go way back and find out the connection between Bethia and Mergus, in book 2 you see them interacting in such a way it makes you wonder about those two. It might also clue us in on how and why Rupert, the King of the Lemurian’s met and joined with Lhayan a Fae priestess even thought it was forbidden. It’s just something that has made me ponder. I am not sure if any of my characters could stand alone, but it sure would be fun to see everyone’s beginning stories. 

Life is a journey for all of us. If you had to offer one piece of advice from the lessons you've learned, what would it be?  

Time to wake the hell up! What you have been told isn’t true, is, and what you have been told is true, is not. Believe all things are possible. All my characters have come together in hopes of making our world the place it was intended to be. And yes, love does conquer all. Well, that’s a little more than one piece of advice. Oh, one last thing, get off your high horse humans, we are not the supreme beings on the planet. 

If ____ (any character you wish) had to describe the series in one sentence, what would he/she say?

Man that is so hard, there are so many underlying stories and messages. The book will have different meanings to everyone who reads depending on where they are in this journey of life and how awakened they are. I have a great horse lover following who believe as I do, they are not “just horses”.   

If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would you be? Why? 

Like I said, this book is based on my life’s journey into metaphysics and what I have learned about myself. Shion/Sumayah is me as the beginning student and Bethia is me as I am now stepping into my wisdom years. Bethia was so easy to write about, we are one in the same, especially since I am half gypsy too.  I also have a lot of Dwyla in me. I do have that warrior spirit and there are a few ‘humans’ that need an ass kicking. But to actually be one of my characters, I would love to be Shion and have Nero, Sterling and Traveller back just for one more day, so I could tell them how I now understand what it was they were trying to teach me.  And maybe Nero would take me on a dragon flight! 

What’s in store for book 3, Talion? 

One day I was researching and came across the word Talion, it is actually the name of one of Tolkien’s characters. But found out that the word derives from the meaning;  a great deception through masquerade. I found that very intriguing and it did ring true for that raven-like Mesha. So book 3 will reveal more of Mesha’s story. Remember he just sort of washed up on the shores of Lemuria and would not tell anyone about his past. And we know what he turned into once he was bound to the witches. Did he survive the fall into the fiery depths of the volcano, would Mother Earth allow him to live upon her in the new world? I believe it will be a story about second chances, and Bethia has already hinted to that. She knows more about what is going on and what the outcome should be.  

But of course, we will want to know about the couples in the story. Will Ryven get his Sumayah back? Will she regain all her memories with Ryven as they were before their journey back to the outerworld? What about Clarron and Jael/Jaylan? 

I want to explore what their world will be like after the great shift and will things be was they dreamed? What will the world in the new 5th dimension be like? Will there still be darkness? Well I can tell you one thing, shifting will be a whole lot easier… It also stems from where we are as a race today…what is going on in our world after 2012. Did anything actually happen? I’m a huge believer as many are that our world is splitting, and that Earth is evolving as we are into a higher vibrational being, she is leaving behind her dense physical self.  But we all have a choice; we can evolve and shift upward with the new world, or stay behind on the old 3D Earth and live life as we always have. It is the same premise as James Redfield’s, Celestine Prophecy.  

And now I am even more excited for book three. Thank you for stopping by today.