Candlelight & Cobwebs

A present day/past life historical/paranormal romance. The setting is one of the most haunted small cities in the US., Manitou Springs, Colorado!

This story will span time and worlds, taking us to 334BCE Delphi, Greece where we will learn about the Oracles of Delphi and then off to the lost Jordanian city of Petra in book 2, "City of Stone". 



Curses are real . . .


Rosalind never thought about ancestral curses until she inherited an estate called Wynterhaven in the mountains of Colorado, from a family she never knew she had.


Upon entering this sprawling estate, she is hit with visions, déjà vu, and plenty of bumps in the night. She soon finds her new home is inhabited by a gift-bearing raven, an extremely large blue-eyed cat, and a talking skull.


Through the candlelight and cobwebs, she finds her great-grandmother’s diary, a book of shadows that takes her back to 1918 and a time of heightened interest in archaeology, spiritualism, and secret societies. Learning of her great-grandmother’s previous life as an Oracle of Delphi, Rosalind takes yet another step back in time to the ancient Greece of Alexander the Great, finding a time of misogyny, sexual freedom, and the continual political binding and dissolution of Goddess worship.


Follow along with Rosalind as she is taken through the forbidden history of her lost past and discovers curses, the occult, mystery, and a love story that transcends time and mortality.


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Excerpt from book

     The skull gaped at them; abysmal sockets locked in a death stare. The inlaid garnets twinkled even in the dim light.

    She felt the over powering desire to pick him up and cradle him. Her hand suddenly a mind of its own reached out. She watched in fascination as it trembled ever so slightly connecting with the top. Her hand then shot with energy as her fingers caressed the garnets and Grecian design so carefully etched.

     “He held a special place, he sacrificed . . . great love.” The words tumbled forth. Flashes of a tall, scholarly man, draped in purple cloth and a girdle of gold, embroidered and inlayed with blood red stones filled her mind. The figure turned and looked as if it knew she was seeing him and smiled.

     “Whoa!” Her hand shot off the skull as if on fire. “That was creepy”

     “Yes it was, you were reading him Rosalind,” Baylor said using her full name. “What did you see?”

     “I could see him in the flesh—he looked Greek . . . like a priest maybe?”