Hi and welcome!
I was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and moved out to Colorado back in 1993 with husband and 3 daughters. 

I can't get enough of nature and with the long cold winters of Wisconsin, south central Colorado was a welcome change. We are outdoor people (360 days of sun).

I love this planet I live on and try to tred harmoniously upon her. I knew from a very small child I came here with a special mission, but it took most of my life to figure out what it was. I knew it included animals, namely horses and something with healing or helping others. I have been around horses since I was about 5 and have to admit that I would have checked out long ago if I didn't have them in my life. I started out just like any girl who just wanted a pony. But I have gone on to rescue and help heal many horses and some of the stories were inspiration for my books. The horse was the catalyst to my own healing and I always wanted to give back to them somehow. I began that journey by taking all the required Reiki classes to become a Reiki Master. Then it went on to many other classes that dealt with Earth traditions, Wise Woman traditions, herbalism, therapeutic art, crystal healing and on and on. But it was always the horse that stayed forefront in my endeavors. 

My poor husband had no clue what he signed up for when he relented and got caught up in my world. 

Anyhoo, finding HeartMath Institute was the icing on the cake! When I first saw Dr. Anna Baldwins study on how the horse’s heart is what saved my life all these years, I knew I had found the missing link to what I really wanted to do. When the student is ready the teacher will come. So, it was natural for me to want to incorporate my healing with the horse and HeartMath. If I had known about HeartMath decades ago it would have fast forwarded my healing journey. I learned and healed more in months than all the years I spent doing all my other healing modalities. Does that sentence make sense? Oh, yes, I also have the gift of dyslexia, which means I see multidimensionally, and the construct of 3D learning can be tough for me. I like to scribble outside the lines...

So today I am living above Salida, Colorado on 13 acres in a very private subdivision. The kids are all grown and gone and it’s just me, hubby, Frodo the poodle, Leo the Carin Terrier and my two medicine horses Ciara and Indigo. You can read Ciara's story in the link about my inspiration for my books. Indigo has just started his journey with me. I needed one more special horse for my Equine Assisted therapy and the Universe provided. What a handsome guy he is. I have had to do some healing on him to get him ready to become a medicine horse and have fallen deeply in love with this gallant soul. He came to at the end of his career, but the new chapter in his life has just begun. 

Indigo and I