May. 21, 2019


Humanity is evolving and it’s all about energy

We are moving into the new world and its about energy and what you are feeding or feeling from that energy field; that electromagnetic field.

We are an energetic being having a physical experience, heard that right? Most of us live within the constraints of our physical bodies, not knowing we are connected with everything, even the kitchen table!

If you cannot feel the difference in energy around you then you cannot discern what is not for your best interest. You do not know what is draining your vital energy, what if feeding off of your vital energy. Emotions are the key to all of this. We must learn to feel our emotions and how that affects us.

We can learn to program out how we react to challenges and become more resilient and conserve our energy. We can learn to self-regulate our emotions keeping us in heart coherence. I’ve talked about heart coherence in my previous article. Once we learn to regulate our emotions, we can then join the masses who are taking responsibility for what they are putting out into the electromagnetic field, changing our world around us to that place we all dream about. Yes, it is within our power and the power center is our heart. This is all part of what HeartMath teaches. If you want to join this movement contact me.