May. 21, 2019


We just had another school shooting in Colorado, not long after the anniversary of Columbine and it got me thinking...

Healing Humanity, How Do We Begin Pt. 1

It begins in the 3rd trimester, in the mother’s wombThat’s when the programming begins. The fetus is learning from what mother is going through and taking in mothers programming. From the 3rd trimester to 7 years of age we are nothing but recorders. The brain at that time is empty, like a computer with no programs installed. At this stage we absorb everything around us be it bad or good and this sets the stage for the rest of our lives.  There are no filters during this stage! We pass this down generation to generation unless we can see our programming and end it.

After age 7 we must learn by repetition.  Without knowledge of overriding the bad programming (most if not all of us had some sort of this) we will do the things our parents did and those around us who were very impactful. The recordings we take in until age 7 is stored in our subconscious mind. Children until 7 are utilizing the delta and theta brain waves, they are like in a state of hypnosis.

Everything we do after age 7 like read a book, go to school, learn to dance, ride a bike, drive a car is all part of our conscious mind.  Our conscious mind is our creative mind, it loves to learn. When learning how to do certain dance steps or drive a car we are doing this repeatedly until it becomes part of that recording in our subconscious mind. It takes that much work for it to integrate into the subconscious automatic part of us. That is why you can drive a car and be deep in thought. It has become automatic, it’s the subconscious mind at work.  

The subconscious mind runs things 95% of the time.  As long as we are thinking, we are on automatic pilot, the subconscious is in charge. Our early life programming is constantly running in the background, it is what we call living in the Matrix.