Feb. 25, 2021

Emotion Code for Indy, What he told me

Are you taking your horse for granted?


How can our equine friends help us to heal, to connect to our true selves if they are too busy protecting themselves from us? How can they, themselves heal?

I took in a retired, blue roan roping horse named Blue. Yes, how original. Even though the old cowboys say its bad luck to rename a horse I just had to. So, I renamed him Indigo and Indy for short. Indigo has much more meaning than a dark blue hue…look up Indigo Adults.

The person that put him out to pasture had another horse and had no time for this retired veteran. He had developed a mystery lameness. I was told he acted like navicular, but the x-rays were nonconclusive. So, no riding. Which was fine I was looking for a companion horse for my mare Ciara.

     When we got him home, I got out my toolbox of tricks which consisted of Reiki, Masterson Method, Straightness Training, and tuning forks. He needed a complete overhaul.

     I am not sure he ever had any energy work done before but he was very skeptical in the beginning. It took a week of work to finally get him to realize it was okay to relax while in my company, it was okay to release stored and blocked energy.

    Today I want to focus on another trick I use and was reminded once again to use it more often. Like right off the bat! That trick is Emotion Code. Emotion Code releases trapped emotions we collect throughout our lives, even when we were still in the womb. We can also inherit these trapped emotions. Dr. Nelson Bradley is the founder of Emotion Code.  For some reason I think it works better on animals. Horses we like to say, have one foot in this world and one foot on the other side. They know they are not separate from their creator. These are very magical creatures when in the right hands. Unfortunately, today, many have been so abused and exploited they have forgotten their magic.

    We just had a nasty cold spell after having had a very mild winter and I was not prepared for the subzero temps and snow. Indy’s mystery lameness resurfaced. It was on and off during the winter. But something nagged at me. Instinctually I felt here was much more going on underneath. Something emotional. Indy was a big, sweet lug and extremely sensitive. It was time to use Emotion Code to see what I could find out.

We use muscle testing with a chart of emotions laid out in two columns and 6 rows with 5 emotions in each column for each row so that is 60 different emotions. We use muscle testing with the horse to determine which emotion is trapped, when it happened, was it inherited, and any other information needed.

I can do this long distance so did not need to be standing next to Indy. The first day I released the emotions crying which is connected to the lung or Colon, taken-for-granted which is connected to liver or gall bladder and grief which is connected lung or colon. Now, I had been working on his digestive tract due to a change in his manure. I always check manure for changes. After Reiki and a few essential oils, it was looking much better. But noted the emotions that were connected to his digestion.  Oh, and weirdly I had to release the emotion lust connected to sexual organs and glands. What I gathered from doing the EC work was that his grief and crying were part of his past of being sold and an accident he had. The accident caused him to be sold and it seemed he was grieving over the loss. That alone would cause trauma don’t you think? Let me also say, trauma doe not mean a huge event, it can be an accumulation of many smaller events; like being shuffled from one owner to the next.

The next day I checked him again.  We had to release the emotion heartache, which is connected to heart or small intestine, and again taken-for-granted. He was still dealing with the losses of his past.  I began to ask him more questions and he began to talk. He was done being exploited and treated like he was a motorcycle. It was like his feelings did not matter and no one listened to him. The not listening part was the hardest, the most frustrating. He had no voice no choice. He gave all. They had taken him for granted. When he had his accident, they just threw him away and he ended up in a few more different homes. He had left many friends. He was not going to be taken for granted anymore and developed his mystery lameness to ensure they stayed off his back so he wouldn’t get hurt again.

I have seen this before with Lucky. Part of his story is on my website and in my book Dragonhorse.

Many of us savvy listeners also know that colic is another “out” for taken-for-granted horses. I have seen it many a time.

     I told tell him I would not use and abuse him.  He is not ridden now. The big, sensitive lug was picking up on that I was trying to figure out where to put an arena so we could all do more fun things. I think he was threatened by that.  I told him he needed to get better so we could continue our in-hand hikes with Ciara (All three of us go and it’s a whole lot of fun). We live where you can walk for miles.  I confirmed to him he was retired and would never go back to his old “motorcycle” career and had a home with me forever.

     The next day I could feel is energy it was lighter, he is feeling much better, more confident. He is so grateful that I heard his words and worries.

Of course, this was not just for him. It was for me also. We too learn so much about ourselves when working from within. We begin to regain instinct for one. I will not go into what this has done for me personally. That is another story. Let’s just say I would definitely not be on this planet today without my land dolphins.

     I will say too, my horses put me on the path of looking within for answers. They taught me how to trust my inner judgement and knowing, my inner magic if-you-will. They put me in alignment for a healing path by working through and with them. I always knew when I was off alignment, things began to go wrong, in behaviors and health; for both of us. They taught me how to use my heart, where our true intuition lies.

Horses are our mirrors. They truly reflect what is truly going on inside. They are incredibly good at seeing the pictures in our mind, (a very handy communication tool I might add) and they are excellent at reading our electromagnetic field that is emitted from our very own hearts. Therefore, they know our TRUE inner feelings, our emotional state even before we get out of our house or car or before we touch them. They are tuned in to us. They have our personal radio station! They know when we are bluffing, they know when we are coherent and congruent. They must, they are prey and we are predators. Their lives depend on their inner senses!

      I want to stress; our electromagnetic field, the energy we emit from our hearts, the pictures and words fluttering around in our large, chatty, frontal lobe is the foundation of our relationship with our equine partner. Learn high heart coherence and a quiet mind. They read you better than you read yourself.

     If you  already haven’t, please go to the HeartMath section to learn more about what heart coherence is.