Feb. 25, 2021

Emotion Code for Arab Mare

Sometimes it is us that needs the behavior change.

     A vet had just bought the farm next to where I was boarding my mare Ciara a couple years back. This vet had a beautiful white Arab mare and was looking to rehome her. Since my house was almost done and I would be moving Ciara there I was in the market for a companion for her.

     I went over to see this mare one bright sunny day. I reacted energetically to the vet as we met. It was like that non coherent static electricity. This vet was starting a warmblood breeding program. She had a few warmblood mares and the one Arab. She had the Arab bred to a warmblood due to foal in 3 months. Ok I really want to judge here but I will bite my tongue.

The vet was a fast talker and mover, high energy. Wrong mix for sensitive Arabs (I know Ciara is a National Show Horse, half Arab and half Saddlebred). She proceeded to tell my how her and the mare just don’t see eye to eye and the mare had broken her arm just before they made the move to Colorado.

      I watched the mare in her stall, standing as far back as she could keeping one eye and ear on the vet.

She told me she wanted to just rehome her since she obviously needed much rehabbing. But she also told me that the foal she carried was more important and that if there was any problems during delivery she would save the foal. She also said she was going to take the foal off the mare and put her on a nurse mare. “This Arab is just too crazy, and I don’t want her foal to pick up on it.” I was thinking that the poor dude in the womb had already picked up on it. Ok, I was judging, could not help it… I was still dealing with the fact she would not save the mare if there were complications.

     She brought the mare out of her stall and it was like a cat on a hot tin roof! She was ready to spring at any moment. Brought me back to my early days with Ciara. This horse was reacting to someone in a state of noncoherence and noncongruence. What came out of her mouth did not match her heart vibration. She was in extreme protection-survival mode.

     I told her I had a mare that had been just like her and I knew I could help her and yes, I would love to take her. Something deep inside said it would never happen so when I left that farm. I kept feelers out for another horse.

     I wanted to help that mare and decided to give Emotion Code a try from a distance. I had to do this energetically. And I wish I had kept my notes. But I do remember there were a lot of depressed, frustration, helplessness, and insecurity emotions. For about 2 weeks I worked on “Sasha”. I even did long distance Reiki. And during those connections I knew she would not be coming home with me.

     A month had gone by and I heard nothing from that vet, so I asked the women who owned the place I where I was boarding Ciara if she had talked to her.

     She told me that the vet had said her mare had a sudden and total behavior change and that she would be keeping her.

     So, there it was, confirmation. Emotion Code did help her and yes, she would stay where she was. Though today, I do not see her out in the pasture only her now 2-year-old offspring. Did she sell her since she became more manageable? I too wonder if the vet, through me, realized it was her that was triggering her mare and made an attitude adjustment. I hoped so.


     A short story. Donnie Darko

I was on the Emotion Code Facebook page for a short while and answered a call out for help for a horse. I don’t remember what his problem was, but the owner told me the horses name was Donnie Darko.  I do remember that I got strongly kept getting that the horse did not like his name at all and wanted the name Falcon. The horse had said he liked the name Falcon better. I told her what the horse had said. If I remember his issue had something to do with his name.

     She decided that I didn’t know what I was doing and that she would definitely NOT change his name to Falcon! She off handedly said there were two names they were thinking about when they purchased him, Donnie Darko or Malcom.

    Ok, so I was a little off on the name he really wanted of the two….