Making Progress! December 19th 2021

Nearing the end with help from a little friend

Still working on edits from what has been written. I am over 83,000 words. My usual count is around 120K. Not sure if Talion will be that long. But, pretty close. 

Getting the ending wrapped up. Had to do some journeying (meditation) in my sauna for some "dragon" inspiration which I received. So excited to get writing on it!



A work in progress...

Not the cover, just a teaser.



What happens after the Great Shift? How will the new world look? The old Earth's hourglass of time is running out before she turns to stardust. Will they be able to save those who were left behind?

There will be new relationships and many surprises! Characters from old will be new again in an exciting and different way. And yes, we will have pirates...

Will Elspeth find love?

Will Ryven get Sumayah back, or wil he still have Shion?