“We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature, and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.”- Henry Beston, writer naturalist (If you want to know more about Equine Therapy go to another great website www.freereingaustralia.com)

The horse as Guru


"When we acquired a 16 year old "Tobiano" Paint gelding who is powerful yet gentle, I decided to get a better feel for communication between horse and rider as part of my skills development. While my interactions were limited to brushing and stroking him before any lunging exercise in the round pen, I felt that there must be ways to improve our interaction. It had always impressed me how my wife seemed to communicate when riding her horse using gentle touch and unspoken requests for a certain gait, direction and control. 


One day, I learned that a woman who had recently arrived in the area used HeartMath to communicate with her two horses and even allowed them to heal any personal issues in a way that benefited both the animal and human. I scheduled a morning session at her facility and experienced an amazing new level of interaction between man and horse. Paying attention to body language in response to touch was part of this, and I now know the meaning of subtle expressions such as a blinking of the eyes and even a yawn which can confirm particular issues such as tension and curiosity. 


How neat to improve our interaction with a horse and experience his kindness and support that we need before even mounting! If you believe in alternative ways to become a better rider or even loading a horse in a new trailer, I recommend scheduling a session with Denice. She will show you how to communicate your desires to your animals even a day before a ride or at a distance. You will be glad you did!"   Jeff Stuyt, Salida, Colorado




According to a study and dissertation done by Peggy Delgadillo 2011 with Saybrook University,  also a teache,r worked with at risk teens. Here is a list of the transformation she noticed in these teens in working with Heart Coherence and the Horse:

* Compassion for people and animals

* More Openness to people and possibilities

* More Focus

* Connection to nature

* More sensitivity

* More peaceful or relaxed

* Success in school

* More self confidence

* Better relationships with people

* Less interest in antisocial or illegal behavior

* More joy in life

* More motivation to work toward future goals & group challenges


I have grown to realize when in the company of the horse I feel an opening of my heart and soul by cultivating a relationship of empathy and harmony furthering my curious walk between the seen and unseen worlds that which the horse has equal footing.


The Spanish breeders of horses believe that the horse is a gift from God to help humanity to see the light and the truth, that which I have found first hand to be true.

Being in the company of the horse is like being in the presence of the Divine, up close and personal. Horses have been seen as messengers and in many shamanic cultures it is the horse or deer that carries the seeker to the other worlds and to the Divine. They teach us how to live in harmony and gentleness, something that can carry over to all of nature if one is truly seeking the Divine.


Because the horse is a prey animal, they have highly attuned abilities.

They can hear your heartbeat and know when someone is in a high state of emotion. They are acutely aware of any subtle body changes or muscle tension. They know if we are putting on a façade and are in a state of non-congruence. They will mirror back to us what they are perceiving from us. I remember an interview I did with Margrit Coates about the many horse healing books she wrote. She told me about a horse that was acting out because of the turbulence going on between its owner and partner at home. Which made me take pause and reassess what was going on in my home and how it was affecting my horses. The mare I own know, Ciara, came to me greatly abused. It took me some time to win her over and today she knows when my husband is in a bad mood and taking it out on me, because she will put her ears back at him when he goes out to see her. Even if he is smiling and talking sweet, she will still do this. She knows he is acting in a non-congruent manner and not in heart coherence. They know what your inner most intentions truly are before you even get the halter on. They have learned to rely on their heart and know it’s the heart that warns the brain of impending danger. Yes, it’s the heart that knows before the brain what is up ahead.


When allowed to interact in a natural state unheeded by the control of man, horses naturally carry feminine attributes. They want to belong, so they are naturally cooperative.


They are part of myth and magic and help us to believe in all possibilities, and to think outside the proverbial box.


Linda Kohanov writes in her books that horses are in a state of evolving and demonstrating advanced emotional, energetic and spiritual characteristic as they are given opportunities outside their traditional roles as beasts burden and objects of ego gratification. 

This I too have come to realize first hand. And in reflection on my past horses, those I thought I was rescuing, each on was the catalyst to where my beliefs are today. Each one was a rung of that ladder expanding my level of consciousness higher and higher. Each horse brought a different lesson leading me closer to where I am today. They say once you are awake you can never go back to sleep.


If all they did was to teach us to love our selves and to give and receive love then it would transform this world into the world we all have been dreaming about.

The science behind it

The Unicorn is a higher vibration of the horse according to Diana Cooper. They are symbolic of the pure enlightened soul.

 "There is something about the outside of the horse that is healing for the inside of man." Winston Churchill


It is not just the outside of the horse but the heart of the horse that is so healing to man.

The heart has its own central nervous system. The heart has its own brain. The heart is the power center and is the vortex connecting us to the Divine. This is where our true intuition derives from.

A horse’s magnetic heart field has been measured at 10 feet, but we know it can be much larger than that. The equine heart is not much different to the human heart, only bigger. Both are 4-chambered and pump warm blood. A horse heart is located in the same place as a human heart: between the lungs and ribs and above the diaphragm. A horse heart weighs on average seven to nine pounds.


HeartMath Institute has science behind its findings about how emotions affect our heart rate variability.

If we are in a state of anger, sadness, depression (incoherent) our HRV will show up erratic. If we are in coherence (in a state of feeling positive and energy renewing emotions and acting as such) our HRV will be harmonious and balanced. But their studies with horses and humans is what caught my attention. You see, they also have science to back up how being in the company of a horse and sending the horse feelings of appreciation the horse will in turn entrain a human erratic, incoherent HRV to match the horses balanced, coherent HRV.  Our autonomic nervous system; that part of us that works without us have to count every breath or make sure our heart keeps beating is that part of us that does not lie. So, if you are hooked up to one of HMI’s heart monitor technology your ANS is what will be controlling the HRV. So if you are saying you feel fine on the outside and hiding what is really going on the inside the ANS will tattle on you and show up as an incoherent HRV on the monitor. This is something the horse can tell without any of the technology.

This works when the human is or has learned to send feelings empathy and appreciation for the horse knows when someone is just acting nice on the outside and yet is incoherent on the inside.

Therefore, this is so important, the human when able to learn and show empathy and compassion will be rewarded by the acceptance of the horse. There is much more to this than what is scientifically proven, and I will get into that later.

Horses teach us about self-regulation. They know our true inner selves by our body, mind and heart language. They have had to hone this ability in order to stay alive since they are a prey animal.  But is it just that? HeatMath Institute has shown through a series of tests that the heart of the horse has much to do with it. But is this just a physiological thing or is there more to it than that?

Horses mirror back to us what is truly inside of us.

They know more about our inner selves than we do. By listening to our heart, they can tell if we have heart coherence or incoherence. They can hear our heartbeat, they can smell our body odor, they notice every movement of our body be it relaxed or tense. Can they read our minds too? So many of us know about telepathy with the equine and I know it firsthand. The new age of horse trainers knows how to use the inner picture when working with the equine. I use it successfully every day. My horses can receive and understand direction using the inner picture much better than my spoken words.

The horse when in a comfortable surrounding can take those who are unregulated, un self-aware and incoherent and entrain them by mimicking their movements, breath rate, and then changing their heart rate variable.  HeartMath Institute has also done studies by putting 3 people in a room with two being in heart coherence and one is not, the two in coherence can entrain the third person to match their heart coherence rate. The horse can do the same but on a much larger level.

When in the right company and environment the horse is able to self-regulate their emotions. They are not bombarded as much with technological EMF’s. Their attention is not distracted nor overloaded by outside junk-stimulation like ours. Think of the zebra in Africa. They are so self-regulating they know when the lion is hungry and when it is not. They can graze next to a pride of relaxing lions not expanding any unnecessary energy, their Intelligent Energy Management is running at its optimal setting. Because of this their decision making and their intuition is not depleted by constant worry and stress and know when the lion is hungry and hunting and can run away readily since they have been able to manage their energetic battery by not stressing continually.

So, horses can entrain the human heart to match their heart rate variable.

A rate that is rhythmic, in a even flow and balanced. Its in a state of reserve but open and willing to give back compassion, appreciation and gratitude: something of which most of us have learned to bypass.

My experience with the horse has been magical to say the least. And when I decided to throw away the old school way of interacting with them and open to a true heart connection, I was not really prepared for the transformation I experienced.  But I had set my sights on being a healer and in order to heal others you must first go through the healing process. Physician heal thyself. And then it became, Know Thyself. Knowing ones true inner-self was the turning point for me.  The horse then invited me to know their true inner self and the true heart connection was the fruition of my healing journey. That was when all the magic began to happen.

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